Cheating Girlfriend Gets Dominated

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Cheating Girlfriend Gets Dominated

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Blair’s boyfriend Dan went through her phone and found out she was cheating on him! She sent nudes of her to this guy and they went on multiple dates. Blair begged for forgiveness and said she’ll do anything for him not to leave her. But Dan wasn't having it - he was determined to show Blair real discipline because of how bad she fucked up. He collared up her neck and chained it to the table while he whipped her! He forced Blair to gag on his thick dick before tying her to the table and whipping her body while fucking her throat! Finally it was time for her real punishment - he gagged her, he clipped her pussy lips and whipped her with all kinds of shit while destroying her pussy! He forced Blair to her knees and she took all of his cum like the dirty whore she is!
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