With Friends Like Hers...

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With Friends Like Hers...

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SCENE OPENS on Susan (Artemisia Love) and Joy (Dee Williams) catching up when Susan's teen, Jessica (Anny Aurora), comes home with her friend Allison (Brooklyn Gray). Jessica asks Susan if Allison can stay the night, claiming they need to study for a big test the next day. Susan curtly agrees, on the condition that they don't stay up late. Joy, however, can't help but notice a certain tension coming from Susan.

Once the girls have left for Jessica's room, Joy asks Susan why she seems so tense. After some coaxing, Susan admits that she doesn't like Jessica hanging around Allison because Allison is a lesbian. She desperately wants Jessica to find a man but is afraid Allison will lead her down the wrong path. Susan goes on to admit that she is particularly worried since she has to go away for a night in the coming week, and is certain that Allison will come over while she's gone and get up to no good. Joy seems to disagree fundamentally with Susan, but kindly offers to check in on Jessica during that time. Susan is immediately relieved, and gives Joy a house key.


A few days later, Jessica eagerly sees Susan off for her night away. Once Susan is gone, Allison is revealed to have been hiding near the entrance, and she enters the house. Together at last, Allison and Jessica kiss, revealing that they are lovers. Without wanting to waste another moment, they go to Jessica's bedroom to make love.

A few moments later, both girls are naked in bed. They make out sensually and caress each other's bodies, licking each other's nipples and eating each other out. As this happens, Joy arrives at the property and lets herself in quietly. She makes her way to the bedroom door and, without alerting the girls, watches them as they scissor each other. Joy is super turned on, and can't help but touch herself as she watches the girls go at it.

Joy eventually becomes so aroused and impatient that she interrupts the sex, confronting the girlfriends. Jessica is terrified, and after Joy insists that Allison leave, she motions for her girlfriend to do so. Allison, reluctantly, exits, leaving Jessica and Joy alone.

Joy joins Jessica on the bed, who pleads for her to not tell Susan about what she saw. Joy then suggests that maybe she and Jessica could enjoy some lesbian sex- THAT would certainly keep her from telling. Jessica is shocked, learning for the first time that Joy is a lesbian as well. Seeing no other option, Jessica agrees, and they plunge into an intense, sexual encounter that will keep both their secrets intact.
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