Betty The Covenant

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Betty The Covenant

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stepsister Betty Davis is happy that she was able to endure the Seed Bearer’s invasive inspection. He stripped her naked, and then looked over every inch of her body. He even touched her pussy with his fingers, before commanding her to masturbate while he watched. The process had been humiliating for the polygamy teen, but she wanted to please him, and the guilt and shame of the experience also turned her on. So as she fingered her pussy, it wasn’t hard for her to work herself up to a big orgasm. And the Seed Bearer likes what he saw. He liked it so much that he has decided to take the girl as a wife in the Covenant. stepsister Davis has heard a little bit about the Covenant. She knows that girls like her make the Covenant in the Seed Chamber on a special altar, but that’s about it. The details have been kept secret from her and all the other girls in the church. On the day she will be making the Covenant, she is taken to the temple and told to change into a sheer ceremonial robe. She puts the robe on, and tries to cover herself modestly, but it’s impossible. The thin strip of fabric shows everything, from her big, beautiful boobs down to her perfect pussy. Then she is led, shy and scared, to the veil and told to get on her hands and knees. When the Seed Bearer knocks, she’s told, then she can enter the chamber. Waiting on her hands and knees, she plays out all the humiliating things that are about to happen to her. She knows he’s going to have sex with her, and the thought terrifies the girl. And then he knocks. Trembling, she pulls the veil to the side and sees a tiny little door. She opens it and crawls through a narrow passage into the Seed Chamber. As soon as she’s through, he grabs her by the hair and pulls her roughly over to the altar. It hurts, but she tries not to make any noise. She doesn’t want to upset him. At the edge of the altar is a small stone bowl full of water and a towel. Is she supposed to wash his feet? Sure enough, he places his big foot in her lap. She wets the towel and washes one foot, and then the other. This is humiliating, she thinks. And yet she is curious about his penis. How big is it, and what does it taste like, and how will it feel when he slides it into her tight pussy? She immediately feels ashamed for thinking dirty things while performing this ritual. And as if he can tell she has had flighty thoughts, he pulls her roughly to her feet, turns her around and gropes her from behind. Then he strips her robe off, pushes her to her knees and makes her take his hard dick in her little mouth. She pulls his penis out and licks the head of it. It’s bright red, and she can taste his precum. She hadn’t known if she’d like putting a dick in her mouth, but having her mouth full like this turns her, and so does looking up into his eyes while she takes it deep in her throat. So deep that she gags and her eyes start to water. She wants to pull it out, but he puts a hand on the back of her head and pushes it in even deeper. It hurts, but she loves having it in so deep, she loves feeling like she’s might choke on it. And then he tosses her on the bed, spreads her legs, and buries his face in her soaking wet pussy. When he pulls out to look at her, she can see that his face is soaked with her juices. He watches her closely as he puts two fingers inside of her. Her eyes widen as the fingers slide into her tight pussy. It feels wonderful, but now that she’s had a taste of his big cock, she wants to know what it feels like inside her pussy. Because this is her first time, he lies down on his back and has her climb on top of him. She’s nervous, so she rubs the head of his penis against the lips of her pussy. She knows it’s going to hurt, but the sensation is driving her wild. Slowly, she slips his cock in. As it opens her up and drives all the way into her, she’s overcome with the most intense pleasure she has ever felt. She grabs hold of his arms and rides his cock hard. She wants to milk all the cum out of him. She can tell that he has a giant load, and she wants to take it all over her big boobs. And she can tell from the way he is thrusting inside of her that she’s going to get what she wants.
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