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Steve and TC pick up 20 year old Natalia from the airport and waste no time getting this cutie naked and sucking TC's cock in the car. Roadhead is nice but at a petite 5 foot 3, our Italian spinner is a prime candidate for some backseat fucking, too. So within 5 minutes of meeting our girl, she's already put her mouth AND pussy around TC's big cock. We'll call that a good start. But then again, Natalia lost her virginity in a church bathroom, so this bit in the car isn't really THAT crazy. And yes, she'll tell us all about the church romp and other sexy things during her interview...
In the hotel room we watch Natalia put on some makeup - in the nude, because that ass and those perky titties are just ridic - and select her clothes. A slutty school girl outfit with black stockings seems an odd but super sexy choice for our full -time pizza place cashier. who likely will never see the insides of an actual college Because, let's face it, college is fucking expensive. And if you spend your hard earned pie sellin' money to get shitty tattoos on your entire leg and neck at the ripe ol' age of twenty, you just ain't got the cash or the smarts to sit down in class with books and stuff. Or say no to porn modeling ads. Got it? Ok, moving on.
We have the mandatory interview portion which reveals some sexy details (again, church bathroom) but Natalia looks so hot in her little outfit, it really doesn't take much for our stunt cock to start attacking with a hard-on. But hold your horses, TC, our members want to see some pussy fingering and toy action first. And Natalia might just cum, too. And a cummed girl is an easy girl, right? (Yes, "cummed" is now a word. Deal with it.)
Does Natalia cum? Hint: fuck yes! Many times! In fact, our hot little redhead is an orgasm factory. We'll replay some of her most visceral orgasms for you during the video. Get ready to cum with her over and over again. Don't feel bad if you cum fast, TC almost couldn't hold it either when she says she's cumming. And that guy fucks girls for a living. So go on, cum with Natalia, again and again.
Scroll down to the preview pics below and it'll give you an idea of the sexual positions Natalia and TC enjoy. Although there are way too many to put up preview pics for them on one page, so feel free to click through the screenshots section to whet your appetite. Porn pioneer Steve lends a helping hand, making sure the camera angles and lights are positioned for maximum jack-off comfort so we think you'll be very pleased with this shoot. It's long too, Natalia and TC clearly are hitting it off here.
After many orgasms for Natalia, it's finally time for TC to unleash his sperm over and into our girl. And let's just say, it's very clear our boy had to hold back cumming for a long time - he shoots his cum like a fire hose all over Natalia tits, hair, and into her mouth. Massive force, massive amount. It's super hot.
We love Natalia. Her attitude, her look, her lovely orgasms, everything (ok, not the tattoos. President Trump or Clinton, please make putting tattoos on hot girls illegal on the first day in office, mmmkay? Thanks). Will she be back, maybe for anal? Who knows, that's up to you. We do listen to your feedback and requests, even if we can't reply to all of it. Remember, the higher a girl is rated on Ex Co Gi and the more positive feedback we get on her, the more likely we can work on getting her back, provided she doesn't go on and become a fricken pornstar like it sometimes happens. (cough cough Shane Blair). Once they're shooting for other sites, we don't really want them back. So...tell us quick if you want a babe back.
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