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Our streak of hot amateurs who also happen to be un-fucked for an inexcusably long time continues with 20 year old local hottie Holly. Apparently every guy is playing Pokemon Go these days because as you know, Holly isn't the first - and likely won't be the last - hot, horny girl with a killer body who hasn't had sex in months.To those 5 guys who aren't playing this shit on their phones, this should be a real boon. Instead of collecting virtual cartoon characters, you could collect great pussy. Like Holly. OK, we think we made our point.
You'll find out all about Holly during the many behind-the-scenes and interview portions. Highlights? Tough to say...her pierced nipples? Not really but those do look hot. She's a server and also a personal assistant (ummm...sugar baby?) All irrelevant, really. What matters is that she's a cool chick with a super tight body (Those boobies and back rack - holy Holly!). We love that kind of combo. Not conceited, but hot enough where she could be. Cockmeister TC takes a major liking to Holly as well. And so does Steve who lends his experienced hand to making sure that all camera angles and light positions capture the most fapable content possible.
No point in doing a play by play narration of the sex positions. If you have eyes and about an hour and a half, you'll see 'em all right now. On that note though, remember to let us know what positions you want to see or don't want to see. We usually go by what the girl likes, and what feels right in the moment. But if we get enough feedback from you guys, we happily incorporate different positions and scenarios as well.
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