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Myra admits that today she's getting her first white cock. That's a bit surprising considering our Puerto Rican/Mexican babe's looks and location (Sin City). Fortunately for her, that first white cock is above average in size and attached to one of the most experienced dudes in the sexytime department. TC is our man for this scene and that suits Myra just fine.
Myra is 24 but she begged us to say she's 20. Career move? It's that sort of thing that tells us Myra is the type of girl that is or can pretend to be pretty much whatever she needs to be - at least when she's around guys - to get what she wants. But she's nervous enough for her first shoot that she let's slip some truths and inconsistencies like that. Like, she claims this is her very first time flying ever. This just seems unlikely. But we're happy to indulge her stories as long as we get her naked (and fucking and sucking and cumming and cum covered....) So even though our sexy Vegas hostess admits she's 24 in the video, we'll just say she's 20 in her intro graphic. Good compromise, yeah?
Myra shows off her glorious tits about 3 milliseconds after TC picks her up from the airport. A promising start!
Side note - Myra is a 34B boob size.Depending on how she sits/fucks/sucks/bends over, she looks more like a 34C. So should we tag her as "Big Tits"? Your call, let us know.
Anyway, once at the hotel, Myra decides to take a relaxing bubble bath (because spoiled brats take bubble baths) and reluctantly agrees to suck her first white cock while she's at it. Reluctantly because she doesn't love to give blowjobs. Major points loss, Myra. But lets' see if she makes it up later. Hint: yes. Yes she does. She does get leg cramps and TC's big cock kinda fucks her raw at some point, but she's a trooper and gives us quite a show. Myra is one sexy latina amateur we hope to see again soon. As usual, that's up to you guys - let us know. Oh and yes we DO read ALL your feedback and requests for girls to come (cum?) back. Not to give away too much but let's just say some of the recent girls you've been requesting to come back WILL in fact be back soon!..
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