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Taylor Threeway

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Look at that angel face. Look at it! It'll get stuffed with two cocks and she's loving every minute of it. Innocent and pure little Taylor only had a handful of boys in her life. Today she'll add 2 - TWO! - to the roster. Why? Money. Actually, not entirely true - sweet Taylor tells us she's really interested in just upping her sex game. At 20 she feels like she's been missing out. We realize this probably means she hangs out with a bunch of slutty friends who fucked dudes in the double digits (hey...referrals, please?). But we take any excuse, really
But money probably is a factor too, after all Taylor wants to be a business owner one day. Unfortunately for her, she actually thinks going to college for Business is the way to be an entrepreneur. Well, we'll let her find out for herself, shall we?
So the dudes: TC is our lead man, and introducing is temporary helper and cockster Tony. Something like that. We didn't really hear much from him. It's probably Tony. Big dick and shuts the fuck up, that's all that matters. Especially in a threeway, right?
A VERY quick rundown here: Taylor gets ambushed in the shower by TC, they're playing Hide The Salami for a while (really hot shower scene actually!), then there's the obligatory behind-the-scenes where we watch our 20 year old cutie try to put on her makeup and get dressed while she's fielding more questions about her personal life.
Then we're off to "bed action". You know, more interview, naked time (OMG THAT BODY!!), fingers, The Wand, another vibrator, and finally some more cock.
At first it's TC's dingledong that gets some mouth whoopie from Taylor but once he's throwing her tiny ass on his cock, Tony's sausage is starting to tingle for some lovin' too. So that's how it leads up to Taylor's first threeway ever. Super hot, obviously. She loved it. Not sure she loved Tony cumming inside her. Well, she doesn't exactly KNOW though...Tony just can't stand too much of that ultra tight pussy and he starts jizzing off while still inside her. He pulls out to make it a point that he's a gentleman who pulls out of the young damsel but if we look closely we know it's bullshit, he's cumming inside her already. A few minutes later it's TC's turn to unleash is ungodly amount of sperm on sweet Taylor's smiling face
This is one of those movies where you'll just have to take the 80-some minutes and just watch the whole thing. It's chock full of sexy and fun stuff. You'll love Taylor's personality (and boobies. And butt.)
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