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Natalia 3some - DP

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20 year old ExCoGi member favorite Natalia is back - for ANAL and a THREEAY!! This update may possible be one of our best yet. You'll probably cum more times watching this video than ever before. Let's just say this - if our jaded editor is jerking off 4 times while he's (trying) to edit it, you know it's good. That dude has seen it all but Natalia's anal and threeway video is just incredibly hot.
We start off when TC picks up our babe from the airport again. Already comfy with each other, Natalia has no qualms showing off her newly pierced nipples (super hot!) and then suck TC's cock in the car. There's some more sucking and even some backseat fucking - until they get caught by a car that pulls up next to them!
Recovered from the scare, Natalia is now getting prepped by Steve and TC. She has some adorably naive questions about anal and cocks. She takes phone calls from friends trying not to sound too nervous so as not to reveal to her BFF what she's about to do. You never see so much intimate and real Behind The Scenes anywhere. Definitely do NOT skip the BTS if you're at all interested in how things work on a porn set or just want to see how Natalia really is in her personal life
After that it's show time. TC re-introduces us to Natalia and frankly that incredible body looks even better than before. Toned body, and those nipples...OMG! TC plays with toys and eases her into what's about to happen. Pussy lovin' first, then some anal toys. And from there it just gets better, hotter, and dirtier - and we love every fucking minute of it.
There's so much ass-fucking (Natalia's first), we could've made an entirely separate movie with just that. Natalia alternatives between taking TC's and Tony's cocks in her tiny ass, and sucking off the other, then switch. There is double penetration that'll make your cock explode as soon as you see it. Watch the HD version and you'll cum in 10 seconds.
Can you tell we're excited about this one? And honestly, it's impossible to convey all the hot stuff Natalia does in this video. The little preview thumbnail pics below kinda sorta give you an idea but honestly, this is one ExCoGi update you absolutely MUST watch in full. Yes, it's an hour and a half. But we bet it's the most exciting 90 minutes you'll watch all week. Enjoy this one!
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